A Rustic Yet Elegant Retreat Nestled Deep in the Ozark Mountains

Grey Wolf Ranch Ozarks invites you to taste, touch and feel our unique and authentic Ozark ranch experience. Enter the driveway of Grey Wolf Ranch Ozarks and begin an outdoor journey that will surely be remembered for a lifetime. If fortunate enough, upon entrance your entrance to the Ranch, you may be greeted by our horses roaming freely in their natural environment. Whether you prefer a nice quiet mountain retreat, a romantic getaway, campfire sing-alongs, a customized equine workshop or a horseback trail ride, we offer activities for everyone. Your experience at Grey Wolf Ranch Ozarks is sure to be unlike any other. We differentiate ourselves from the average “dude” ranch by tailoring an experience that is unique for each individual.

We have created an environment where we bring the outdoors indoors.

Disclaimer: This is a working Horse Ranch. This means we have two indoor cats in our lodge that patrol for country critters. Same as two dogs for the same reason, that live outside. If you or your family have allergies, please be advised. We don't let our cats in rooms that are rented. Thank you!

The Lodge

Book the entire Lodge including the upstairs suite and downstairs bedrooms. Additional beds may be set up upon request. Perfect for family getaways and corporate retreats!