Equine Instruction

The horse, with beauty unsurpassed, strength immeasurable and grace unlike any other still remains humble enough to carry a man upon his back.

Amber Senti
Your experience at Grey Wolf Ranch Ozarks is sure to be unlike any other. We differentiate ourselves from the average "dude" ranch by tailoring an equine experience on the trails that is unique for each individual rider.
At Grey Wolf Ranch Ozarks, when coming to us for lessons, we will start from the ground up with these magnificent creatures. Horseback Riding Lessons will teach you everything from the hoof to the ears as well as how to develop a well balanced seat that enables you to ride these magnificent horses “off the bit” (gently using your hands, legs, and voice). In order to build true self confidence and control in our riders, we prefer to not teach inside an arena. We utilize the outdoor elements in a controlled environment to instill trust in our riders with the horse we selectively choose, for each individual based on the student’s body language. By learning to ride a horse that will challenge us in new areas, we ascertain how horses are indeed a mirror image to our lives.
Grey Wolf Ranch Ozarks starts teaching at the age of three and up. When a rider decides to participate in our Learn to Ride.....Ride to Learn program, he or she is also not subject to weight limits as they may be at a typical stable. Our philosophy and reasoning for this, is that we teach the rider to move with the gait of the horse, similar to moving with the gait of life. The rider will learn how to carry their weight in the legs, instead of being dead weight on the horses back.
Our horses are just as happy to be out on the trails as you. Our trail rides are fully guided, and we keep the group sizes small and intimate in order to maximize our interaction and your progress on the trails. Our attention to our riders and small trail groups allows us to create an environment where our students thrive physically, emotionally and spiritually.
All equestrian workshops, riding lessons, and guided trail rides are tailored to all skill levels and the special needs of children and adults.