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Grey Wolf Ranch Ozarks

A Rustic Yet Elegant Retreat
Nestled Deep in the Ozark Mountains

Who We Are


Grey Wolf Ranch Ozarks is known both nationally and internationally for our rustic yet elegant lodging, methodology, and teaching.

We are world-renowned for our lodging, hospitality, corporate retreats, family reunions, weddings, horseback riding lessons, guided trail rides, therapeutic horseback riding, and much more! We are known for utilizing our natural environment to create a stunning experience that builds memories that last a lifetime. The majority of our horses are rescues that we rehabilitate. Proceeds from our rides go toward our rescue operations. 


Horseback riding, trail rides and lessons in a “dude ranch” setting


Looking for the perfect romantic getaway or family vacation?


An experience of a lifetime for an individual or everyone in the company.

Event Venue

Family reunions, weddings, retreats, honeymoons, and so much more!

Our Happy Visitors


“I and my team are still referring a lot to our amazing trip to your ranch earlier this year – we had an unforgettable time together, and we are an even stronger team made by even stronger individuals”.

Company Undisclosed
Dear Daniel and Christine, my mom and I had a lot of fun yesterday. We’ve never had this kind of experience before! In the class, you were trying to teach us gentle but firm, and when I was riding Amigo, I understood what you meant. I know that I’m gentle, and now I can be gentle and firm with my family, friends, and my music playing. 
Cheryl Marvin-Conejo Valley Youth Orchestras

Equine Adventures

Equine Instruction

Your experience at Grey Wolf Ranch Ozarks is sure to be unlike any other. We differentiate ourselves from the average "dude" ranch by tailoring an experience that is unique for each individual.

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Disclaimer: This is a working Horse Ranch. This means we have two indoor cats in our lodge that patrol for country critters. Same as two dogs for the same reason, that live outside. If you or your family have allergies, please be advised. We don't let our cats in rooms that are rented. Thank you!