Learn to Ride,
Ride to Learn

Imagine being on a horse, and the horse is in control of you.  The probability is that you are going to get hurt.  Imagine life controlling who you are instead of you controlling your own life.  In the “LEARN TO RIDE” “RIDE TO LEARN” program, the horse will teach you how to be in complete control.  The word ‘Control’ in our society has very negative overtones.  We hear expressions like a control freak, a micromanager, or when I say “JUMP,” you better ask me how high.  Learning to be in complete control and you still like me, and I still like you are based on two components.  The first is “BODY LANGUAGE.”  The second is “GENTLE but FIRM.”

We read body language every day, and we are all very good at doing so.  There are times in your life that you have met someone, possibly never speaking to them, and walk away saying, “I would like to get to know that person.”  That is based on body language.  There are also opportunities when you have met someone, never spoken to them, walked away, and said, “I am not sure I like this person.”  Again, body language.  As good as we are at reading body language, we are dwarfed by a horse’s ability to read your body language.  As a horse, if I can figure out how to take advantage of you, I am going to do so.  Life is programmed in an identical way.  Imagine you’re riding a horse that weighs 1,000 lbs, has two eyes, a brain, and four legs.  Who needs to be in control of riding that horse?  The horse or you? 

If you are not in control, that horse can potentially hurt you.  If you are not in control of your life, life can and will hurt you.  So, we learn how to be in complete control by being “GENTLE but FIRM.”  In doing so, you can express complete control, and we still like each other.  You can be in complete control of a horse, and he will still like you.  The “GENTLE but FIRM” phenomenon is taught with the use of a metaphor.  The metaphor that we use is that of a handshake.  When participating in the “LEARN TO RIDE” “RIDE TO LEARN”  program, you will literally learn how to ride a horse before stepping a foot in the stirrup.  Everything that you learn will be parlayed into one’s personal and professional life.

When we progress from the “LEARN TO RIDE,” we then enter the “RIDE TO LEARN.”  Everything experienced in the “LEARN TO RIDE” will now be taught to you by the horse in the “RIDE TO LEARN.”  The horse that you will be riding is not arbitrarily chosen.  It is chosen based on your body language and the “GENTLE but FIRM” metaphor.  Each of you will individually feel as if you are the only one present.  From this moment forward, everything you take home with you (return on your investment) will be taught to you by the horse.   All that is learned, you will take with you for the balance of your life.  The true meanings of “GENTLE but FIRM” and “TAKE and GIVE” will be exhibited to you the moment you mount the horse.  All of the other attributes mentioned above will also be taught to you by the horse.

Some of what you will learn:
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Negotiations
  • Confidence
  • Balance
  • Delegation
  • Accountability
  • Being Result Oriented Not Excuse Oriented
  • Collaboration
  • Body Language
  • Eye Contact
  • Looking Where You Are Going
  • Negotiating Skills
  • Managerial Skills
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Addiction Issues
  • Special Needs
  • Disease Control In Humans