Equine Workshops

Learn to Ride…Ride to Learn

The relationship between horse and rider offers many opportunities for us to learn. Like humans, horses are unique individuals and we share many common interactive social traits. Therefore, the concept of utilizing horses to help us better understand ourselves and the world we live in is quite natural. In essence, horses are our teachers. Our horse methodology addresses a variety of issues encountered in our daily personal and professional lives including (but not limited to): Eye Contact, Looking Where You Are Going, Give and Take, Take and Give, Collaboration, Negotiating Skills, Results Orientated not Excuse Orientated, Managerial Skills, Leadership, Communication, Confidence, Balance, Accountability, Body Language, Delegation, Follow Up of What is Delegated, Return on Investment, Disease Control in Humans, Mental Health Issues, and Addiction Issues.

Our Unique Approach

Grey Wolf Ranch Ozarks offers a variety of equestrian management workshop packages geared towards individuals, groups, and corporate professionals.  Each workshop is tailored to fit your expectations. During the workshop, we will guide you in learning how to interact with our horses and explore the many parallels common to our own personal and professional lives. We hope your time spent with horses will be a time of self-discovery, enlightenment, and rejuvenation. 

Equestrian Management Workshops

All of our workshops take place in an authentic “dude ranch” outdoor setting using hands-on techniques and fundamentals. Expect To Get Dirty! There is so much to learn from these majestic creatures, so please, come join the journey.  See you at Grey Wolf Ranch Ozarks!